Deadline Date has come and gone

Well, there you go, no matter how many times I tell or ask them, no matter how many posters I put up in the club, no matter how many posts I put on our website, some people just don’t want to listen or plainly can’t read.  All I get is promises of jam tomorrow.  So what do I do, despair (never), name and shame (most definitely), ensure the full £50 is paid (absolutely).

The two prime culprits are Dumb & Dumber (no guesses who they are) however they are quickly followed by some ones Big Brother.

So, no physio and no gym until they pay up and an additional £15 to boot.

Thanks to all who have paid up on time, especially those who have set up a Standing Order.  This simple thing (the SO I mean) makes everybody’s life so much easier.   To date we have 110 paid (or part paid) up playing members, this I expect to rise to at least 120 once absent players have returned.  That’s the equivalent of 8 teams.

Finally, a full up to date list of paid up playing members is posted in the gym.  If you see anyone who is not on the list and is using the facility, you have the permission of myself, the club captain and the chairman of the Finance Committee (AKA Mark – no more Mr Nice Guy – Dutton) to throw them out.

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