D of E Revolution (don’t ask me to explain title of post)

Whilst the rest of Eccles have been enjoying the beer festival and the visit of the Rugby World Cup, spare a thought for the 38 young people from Eccles who have been doing their Duke of Edinburghs Award expeditions in North Wales.

Jaye Rowlett, Louis Ayre, Kyle Dowarka, Hollie Bawden, Megan Price, Eleanor Sydall, Alicia Carlton, Christopher Thomas, Callum Baines, Matthew Hope, Edward Mather, Joseph Gaffey, Timothy Cullen, Finlay Cox, Leon Simpson, Kane Whitehouse, Reece Walker, Connor James, Ela Acir, Ben Moseley, Josh Kilby and Adam Christey,

All passed their expedition phase of Silver, whilst,

Sean Baines, Stephanie Berry, Leah Carlton-Morley, Stehen Smith, Dan Wignall, Matt Parkinson, Dean Fellows, Katie Purcell, Hannah Marland, Rebecca Roden, Antonia Riley, Dan Smitham, Georgia Cunliffe, Beth Cox, Dan McManus and Will Goslin,

Have all passed their Gold expedition.

All the young people need to present about their experiences whilst on expedition. This will take place on

Friday 31st July 2015 from 7pm @ Eccles RFC club house.

If you want to find out what the young people do whilst participating in the Duke of Edinburghs Award, or how you can become involved as a volunteer, EVERYONE is welcome.

A final word about the adults, Mark Baines as Chairman, Paul Newton, Marianne Coop and Trev Parrott as leaders with Vivienne Newton, Hilary Berry and Kath Smitham doing all the admin and expedition support, plus Shaun Barlow and Ruth Mcgaharan who’ve also helped out.

See you all FRIDAY….

And don’t forget the beers still available on the bar


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