Cry God, for Fat Harry, England and Saint George

This week end coming sees two typically hectic days in the life of Eccles RFC.

On Saturday we have a multitude of events starting with the First Team’s last game of the season, taking on Altrincham – Kersal, KO 3:00pm. This is the reverse of the first game of the season which Eccles lost narrowly, or should I say gave it away with unnecessary back chat and general annoyance towards the referee. Because of this, anyone found to have turned up with a chip on their shoulder will be sent home immediately.

Also, for the Second Team, the chips are down. They make the long journey to Trafford MV in the hope of continuing their recent good form and securing much needed league points.

Post the final whistles, we will have a few festivities to get through. I understand, thanks to Lisa Walker, The Real Lancashire Eccles Cake Company have sent over a large box of their finest produce and want us to film the Eccles Cake Challenge. Further sponsorship may be on the cards from that direction if a good show is provided. So no pressure there then lads.

Also to acknowledge how privileged we, or should I say most of us, are to be born English we will be celebrating St Georges Day with a promotion on the Charlie Wells Bombardier Bitter & Burning Gold. Anyone who buys a pint of the said refreshments will be given a raffle ticket (one ticket per pint) and at 5:30, 6:30 & 7:30 a raffle will take place for those who have bought a pint, or pints, in the preceding hour. The prizes will be on display behind the bar.

During the late afternoon & early evening we will also be taking note of the Bard’s birthday with the following performances;

Sonnet No 18. by Joe Dale

The Hamlet silique by Jordan Bromley

The Balcony scene by Tom Coe & Siobhan

The Band of Brothers speech by Ross McMhaon

Anyone else who would like to chip in with their own effort may do so.

At 5:15pm we will also have the slight distraction of the FA Cup semi-final between United & Everton on the box.

On Sunday Eccles RFC are hosting the Raging Bull Senior Colts League Cup Finals. There are four games in total with the first game kicking off at 11:00am. Volunteers are welcome, no experience necessary, on job training will be provided. Please see a club official if you wish to help out.

Finally, this week end we will have a full bar of beers for all to enjoy. Along with the Charlie Wells beers, mentioned above, we will also have from Bank Top – Pavillion & Slapper, from Hydes – Manchester’s Finest (but not much left), from Thwaites – Wainwrights, plus a repeat appearance of our new house beer Wingewrights. Then after all that, and if you’re all good little lads and lassies, a possible Seven Bro7hers beer, yet to be decided. Enjoy, I know I will.


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