DofE Resources

This is hopefully where you will be able to find any information you may require when completing the Duke of Edinburgh award at Bronze, Silver or Gold.


eDofE is an interactive online system that helps you to manage your DofE programme and Leaders monitor your progress. It will be where you should collate evidence of each of your 4 (or 5 during gold) sections.

Please click here to download the eDofE participant user guide.

It may also be beneficial to watch some eDofE training videos on the DofE YouTube Channel if you are still struggling.

DofE Expedition Resources

There are several items you will need when undertaking a DofE expedition for any level. It may be stressful ensuring that you have the correct equipment. Therefore the below guide is aimed at helping participants and parents to choose and then find the right kit for their expeditions and DofE adventures. Each kit item category includes key information, tips from the experts and some money saving ideas. This guide is aimed at those undertaking UK expeditions on foot.

Please click here to download the Expedition kit guide for participants and parents.

Below is an Expedition kit list and is to be used as a GUIDE only, there is no obligation to buy the specific items we recommend. Also quantities of some items depend on level and duration of expedition.  This includes the suggested personal first aid kit list.  Some items will be provided by Eccles RFC and would normally consist of Tent, Trangia (stove equipment) and Gas but it is advised to check with one of the expedition leaders.

Please click here to download the Expedition Kit List.

Packing a rucksack correctly can be the secret to a successful expedition on foot and can reduce the weight and strain on your body as well as making it easier removing things from your rucksack. It is therefore important to spend some time packing your own bag so you know where things are and if they are where they should be.

Please click here to download the Guide to Packing a Rucksack

When it comes to food on your DofE it is important you get your choices and cooking right as it can make a major difference to how you enjoy your expedition. Below is a simple guide with some handy tips which may help to plan your meals.

Please click here to download the Expedition Food Guide.

Activity Logs

These handy Activity Logs can be printed out to help participants keep a track of the activities they do each week for their DofE programme:

Please click here to download the Volunteering Activity Log

Please click here to download the Skills Activity Log

Please click here to download the Physical Activity Log

Programme Ideas

When it comes to completing your DofE you are required depending on your level to complete several sections of the award. These are Volunteering, Physical, Skills, Expedition & Residential. It may sometimes become difficult to find ideas of a new activity to complete and therefore these downloads may help.

Please click here to download the Volunteering programme ideas

Please click here to download the Skills programme ideas

Please click here to download the Physical programme ideas

External Assessors

Firstly thank you for being an Assessor; you can add your report directly into the participant’s online eDofE account from the DofE Website.

All you need is the participant’s eDofE ID number, their Award level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and the section you are assessing them for (Volunteering, Physical, Skill, Expedition or Residential). Please ask the young person you have been supporting for these details.

Your comments automatically go to the participant’s DofE Leader for approval before being added to the participant’s account. We ask for your email address and phone number to enable their DofE Leader to contact you should they wish to discuss your assessment with you.

Please remember to keep your comments positive and encouraging. Thank you for supporting young people with their activities.

Please click here to download more help Adding Assessor Reports.

Useful Locations

  • Bibby’s Farm,Charnock Back Lane, Heath Charnock, Chorley, Lancashire, PR6 9DL
  • Rivington Hall Barn, Rivington, Bolton, Lancashire, BL6 7SB
  • Ashworth Valley Camp Site, Ashworth Road, Bamford, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL11 5UP

 DofE Contact Details


Name (& email)

Chairperson/ Leader/ Assessor Mark Baines
Gold Award Co-ordinator Paul Newton / Hilary Berry
Silver Award Co-ordinator Marianne Coop
Bronze Award Co-ordinator Sean Baines
Treasurer Pending
Kit manager Vacant
Paul Newton
Kath Smitham
Hilary Berry


Trevor Parrott
Marianne Coop
Shaun Barlow
Sean Baines

 Those without email attached can be contacted through Mark Baines