Chris Tickle Match & anyone got a spare body?


CT Cup 2015

Bank holiday Sunday saw the annual Chris Tickle Charity match take place at Eccles RFC between two mixed “ability” teams.  The young and the very very old took part in a cracking game officiated as ever by Nick “El Greko” Christodoulou.

First – Dave Nick’s original post match report.

Good Morning All, Just to update everybody with the results of the fundraising effort made yesterday. The final total raised was just over £500. This was made up from the players fees, the crowd admission bucket, the raffle, the pro-am golf tournament, sponsorship and donations. A crowd of over 100 witnessed a feast of festive rugby with participants aged between a youthful 17 and an evergreen 60. Keith Tickle attended to the duties of kicking off, with a well judged drop kick. A couple of our walking wounded still played, albeit on a tag basis, adorned in their hi-viz vests to ensure the rest of us treated them gently. Referee Nick Christodoulou made his annual pilgrimage to Eccles, continuing an association formed during the days of one of our formative Colts teams. In the end the scoreboard declared a narrow victory to Brunty’s team over Joe “quiet man” Dales XV

Many thanks to all participants and supporters, your support is overwhelming, Eccles RFC is a very special place.

Now – my bit

For some reason I had convinced myself that I could still play centre, worse still the organisers agreed with me so that’s where I started.  After an early cameo run the effects of age and 50+ years of abusing my body quickly took it’s toll and I realised this wasn’t a good idea.  Next year I’m having one of those bibs which mean you can’t be tackled, and more importantly you don’t have to tackle, not that I did much of that.  All I need now is two new thighs (the ones I’ve got are as stiff as a starched shirt collar), a left handed ring finger (it’s a bit swollen and going a funny colour) and a new back.  All donations will be gladly accepted.

Anyway, at least I didn’t get sent to the naughty step when I got home, unlike the Evil Dictator, apparently he only got his kit out of the door by saying he was running the touch (mind you he didn’t do much more).  Mrs Evil Dictator (she’s not evil at all but I’m afraid she has to go by that name) was not a happy lady by all accounts.

Credit also goes to Adrian (token taff) Chapman for gracing the field at the ripe old age of 60.  How many body parts he needs I have no idea.

Well done to all who took part in the game and the festivities and helping us raise a sum of £500 for the designated charity.

Thanks again to Nick for officiating the game and having to put up with Joe Dale.


common consensus after the game agreed that we now finally know who’s the better Parkinson, it’s me.  As if there was any doubt.


Matt is still making excuses for being caught by Will after a 10 metre start.





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