Chris Tickle Cup – 28th December

This year the Chris Tickle Cup match will be held on Saturday 28th December.  For future note it is the intention of the club to keep the Saturday between Christmas & New Year as the permanent date for this fixture.

The games will start at 2:00pm (format to be agreed/arranged).

The games will be followed by a number of activities, including a Rugby Club Bake Off – Home Made Mince Pie & Eccles Cake competition.

The main event will be an Open Mic – We’ve got Eccles lot of Talent

This can be anything so long as it’s appropriate, Sing a Song, Play an Instrument, Tell a Joke (or two), Recite a Poem.  If you wish to take part in this part of the evening please let Kath Wilkinson, Martin Parkinson, Sue Baines or Hilary Berry know so we can organise accordingly.  Prizes for the best efforts.



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