Cheshire may be flat but U14 come back on a high

U14 travelled to Northwich to play a team which we had not played before so were a complete unknown.

Billy decided to play those new t the game and those that do not play a full game so it was a big test for all and one that the Eccles team rose to.

Northwich came out strong to begin with and scored an early try…..shades of last season for Eccles. Anyway from the resulting kick off Eccles went up the field and used the ball for Shayne to score.

Northwich had a very good restart and Eccles failed to deal with it and they score again.

Eccles responded with another try through Sean….I think.

Anyway, as the game wore on Eccles started to dominate at the scrum and ruck securing lots of good ball which they started to use and play some running rugby utilising the ball and getting it wide.

One particular try saw quick ball from Tom to Daniel to Callan and Chris…two good passes from a 2nd row & prop for Tom R went in the corner…I think. Should write it down.

Anyway, some good performances all round particularly Liam debuting in the 2nd row and almost scoring himself at the end. Curtis grew into the game with several excellent tackles.

Try scorers: Tom R (2), Shayne (2), Callan, Sean & “show & go” Joe. Tom B got 3 kicks.

Thanks to Karen and the Northwich team for the game.

Training will be focussed around tackle (too many missed) and ruck & building on the passing which has gone well in the last two outings. All places up for grabs……..except me and Billy!