Glastonbury may be cancelled this summer, but thankfully you can still get your fix of epic outdoor live performances when Eccles RFC hosts its own End of Season Weekender on 28th and 29th April.   The 2-day event will not only mark the end of the Men’s 2017/18 rugby season but will also be a celebration of two notable events for the Ladies and Colts sections:

Saturday 28th April

  • KO 3pm – Eccles 2XV v Littleborough 2XV
  • KO 5pm – Eccles Ladies 1XV v Eccles Ladies Select XXI
  • Evening entertainment in the clubhouse will feature a presentation by the Ladies Captain and hopefully the return of the Men’s 1XV team with a victory from Tarleton.

Sunday 29th April 

  • Eccles RFC host a celebration of the county’s finest youth teams.
  • Our own Eccles U17 Junior Colts will face Kirkby Lonsdale U17 Junior Colts in the Alan James Trophy Final.
  • Other headline acts and kick off times TBC.
  • Presentations will take place on the Royal Balcony.

We hope ECCLESFEST will be a big social gathering for the whole club and have the clubhouse and grounds at full capacity.  All club members, past and present, Ladies, Seniors, Colts, Juniors and their families are welcome and encouraged to come down and enjoy the rugby on both days. Wellies, denim cut offs, cowboy hats and shades are all permitted dress code.  There will food, drinks and toilets available. No camping. No ticket touts.  More details to follow. #EcclesFest2018

Eccles RFC U10s versus Tyldsley RFC U10s


U10s Match Report – 25th February 2018

Tyldsley RFC vs Eccles RFC

Despite a cold chill, the sun was shining and conditions were perfect. The Eccles U10s had an away game against Tyldsley RFC. The boys had a great turnout and managed to field a full team with one sub every 10 minutes as did Tyldsley RFC.

Squad: Alfie, Alfie Mason, Conor, Flynn, Finley, Joe, Max, Owen, Sandy, Thomas and Tyler

After a thorough warm-up, Eccles were quick with the ball demonstrating creative playmaking from Connor and Owen who quickly passed to Alfie Mason who pulled away to stretch over the line to get Eccles first try in the first 5 minutes of play. The first half saw fantastic organization, motivation and strong team play with plenty pressure put on Tyldsley to get out of their own 22. A strong tackle and push forward from Alfie, Flynn, Finley and Sandy saw a pass to Tyler who calmly put it over the line to get Eccles second of the morning. Still celebrating, Eccles took their foot off the pedal and allowed Tyldsley over the line to score the easiest try of the match with little in the way of any defending from Eccles. The next bout of play saw strong defensive moves from Alfie, Flynn and Max, quick passing between Thomas, Joe, Alfie Mason, and Sandy and strong team defending – ending with a pass out wide from Owen to Finley to Tyler who ran to score Eccles’s third try. In the following quarter, there was a lot more pressure from Tyldsley but good positive tackling from Thomas, Joe, Max and Flynn kept Tyldsley at bay for a few minutes. Easily distracted Eccles took their eye of the ball to watch one of the Eccles parents to a backward somersault over the kitbags – followed quickly by Tyldsley’s second try of the match! Clever interplay between Thomas, Owen, Sandy and Finley and Tyler who passed to Joe who showed great strength but was just pushed out to touch near the try line.

The second half showed great team spirit and organization from Eccles with Thomas pushing forward, helped by Flynn, Finley and Max who passed to Tyler who scored his second of the game. After the restart, Eccles broke quickly to make ground. Strong tackles from Alfie, Flynn, Finley and Owen saw a well-organized ruck where Connor passed to Sandy who pushed forward to score Eccles fifth try of the match. Good retaliation from Tylsdley with both teams showing real defensive skills but Tyldsley steal the ball against the run of play to score their third try of the match. Eccles re-started by creating good, strong drives up the middle with Owen, Max, Joe, Alfie Mason and Sandy showing some strong defensive moves/tackles. From the ruck, a quick pass from Thomas to Connor, where Tyler found a gap to get the sixth try for Eccles. After relentless defending from both teams, Tyldsley spotted a gap in the line to score another try. Feeling annoyed with themselves Eccles respond well with Owen passing quickly from the ruck on the Tyldsley 22 to Alfie Mason showing clever passing to get down the line and score the final try of the game.

Final Score: Tyldsley RFC 4– 7 Eccles RFC

Men of the match: Excellent team play especially after the defeat last weekend with all players showing strong defensive play and good rucking. Flynn, Joe and Thomas get a special mention for playing the strong game today allowing our wingers a bit more movement – well done boys!

Under 12’s ….. Eccles 10 – 3 Bolton

Sunday 18th Feb:

Well….. from possibly the worst performance in this fixture at the start of the season… came the best performance so far last Sunday!

With the game plan programmed into the boys at Wednesdays training session, it remained to be seen just how much had sunk in and how effective it would prove against a physically strong and well organised Bolton team.

The early exchanges saw Eccles take advantage as they looked to move the ball across a firm and welcoming surface that would suit the Gorton street boys’ style of play. The early pressure from the forwards swept the ball out to the right hand wing to set up the first meaningful ruck. Joe planted his feet at the base ready to feed Lucas on his left. When Heath is on your shoulder, you always have options to either off-load or go for the gap as he draws the opposition defence. This time Lucas chose to ship the ball to his centre partner who hit it with such pace, there was no danger as long as he hit the angle cleanly. 1-0 Eccles.

Back came Bolton as Eccles momentarily lapsed in concentration to allow their big runners the slightest of gaps to surge through. The attempted tackle on the big lad was always likely to be weak when trying to stop a player like this anywhere above the waist line! Lesson learnt 1-1

Eccles knew from this point that accurate passing and ball retention would be the only way of securing a win. Alfie made a mockery of his slight frame time and again proving it really isn’t size that matters, but skill and smart thinking. Time and again he was surrounded by red shirts but never lost possession and constantly returned the ball for his team mates. Ollie was in magnificent form and pulled off one of the tackles of the day against the big rangy centre who found himself out wide with just Ollie to beat for a clear rum to the line. Once again, Ollie dropped his body position at the right moment as he dispatched the attacker under the noses of the watching Eccles supporters. The lift this gave the team was instant! Matthew was in outstanding form and never panicked on the ball, always setting a platform for Joe to hit his flankers and turning cleverly on his feet to simply present the ball for his supporting player. Evan occupied a smart channel close to his winger… and when that winger is Adam, you always want to slip the ball to him and watch the afterburners ignite!

It was another fine strong running line from Heath after some good ball retention from Shayne, that gave Eccles the next try. 2-1

Again, Bolton retaliated with another barging surge up the middle, and again, although a better attempt at a tackle…… there was no stopping the lad as he crashed over the line 2-2

Ollie looked to hoist the ball high from the restart as Adam and Lewis came off their wings to put pressure on the Bolton ball catcher. With Lucas on the wingers’ heels, there was always a chance of possession. The ball was knocked forward as Lucas picked up the bounce. By now Finn had hit the maul with a great body angle as Joe  again found Heath. With some way still to go, Heath shifted his shoulders before exploding through the defensive tackler. A fine try and possibly his best of the day! 3-2 and an early hat trick for Heath before half time.

By now the Eccles boys understood why they did the physical session at Wednesdays training as their game fell into place. The handling from the all the boys was a pleasure to watch. the middle of the park was secure and this gave Joe a perfect springboard to launch from. Bolton came again but this time, Jake scooped up the ball before setting the ruck for Matt to link with Heath. As Joe sprinted to support him, Heath popped the ball for Joe to take a looping line to score 4-2 Eccles.

Jack came into the action……. this was the one the watching crowd wanted to see as Jack, playing against his home town side, looked to show them his repertoire of skills! His first job was a double tag with Lucas to stop a potential strong attack from Bolton. Form the resulting scrum, Eccles moved the ball wide towards Alfie. Once again he kept possession wonderfully as Shayne took the pass from Joe. This was to be a real important score as it just put the breathing space between the teams leading to half time. 5-3 Eccles.

  • Half Time:

The second period saw Heath off the field, but the centre partnership was cemented as Jack slotted along side Lucas. As Ollie launched another counter attack inside the Bolton half, it was Captain Lucas who bagged a well deserved try to stretch the score board further 6-3 Eccles.

Fletcher was on the field to add his pace up the flanks and was always likely to see plenty of ball the way the boys were playing.

The next score was perhaps the sweetest of the day: Jack took a great pass from Matt who was having a tremendous day on the ball. With two defenders still to beat, Jack had a glint in his eye as he just knew contact was coming! With shoulders dipped low and a centre of gravity impossible to stop, Jack smashed over the line to loud applause 7-3 Eccles.

With the game ‘in the bag’ and conditions perfect, Eccles (for once) knew they had secured a real gem of a win against a strong opposition who were stretched on the day.

The score finished 10-3 Eccles, but it was the manner and the application that the boys displayed to secure this win that was impressive. They knew 100% concentration would only suffice, and they very nearly slipped up in the opening exchanges, but realised they had a game to stick to as well as the confidence to move the ball and trust themselves! Wonderful performance from all the boys who maintained concentration, composure and dignity. Well done!

  • Coaches Comments:

I think its all been said in the boys’ performance on the day. Each one of them backed each other …. and themselves. The game really was in the balance briefly, but they knew what to do and HOW to do it, more importantly. A mention must go to Andy our Ref on the day. Once more, too much from too many on the side lines as everyone on ONE side of the field had a ‘difference of opinion’ and as always, such views will never change a referees mind! Lesson to all!

Thanks to Vicky for the match stats and oranges at half time! ….the finer details always complete the bigger picture.

  • Eccles Squad:

Lucas (Capt), Heath, Ollie, Evan, Shayne, Taz, Finn, Lewis, Adam, Alfie, Jack, Joe, Fletcher, Matt       


Eccles U14 and U15 boys selected for Sale Sharks DPP.

Congratulations to Euan, George, Henry, Lucas, Sam and Thomas from our U14 boys squad and also to Chris, Jay, Joe and Ollie from our U15 boys squad. The ten players were selected for entry into the Sale Sharks Developing Player Programme, a programme which aims to further develop the skills of selected players in twice monthly sessions and help to  fulfil Sharks’ aim to have 75% of the senior squad from North West clubs by 2020.

We are very proud of the boys’ achievements and that the coaching offered at Eccles has developed the boys’ skills well, enabling them to access this beneficial programme.

Additional congratulations are in order for Ollie, as he was also recently selected to represent Lancashire.

Well done boys!

Under 12s: Lymm 4 – 3 Eccles

The U12s were met with near perfect conditions in the sleepy suburbs of Lymm…. until we were moved over onto the adjacent pitch which resembled a Flanders muddy field!

Not to worry as the coaches explained, both teams have to play on the same surface!

So, at last we had a game of rugby ….. and what a decent game! Both teams looked to move the ball from the first whistle as the forwards not only secured decent ruck ball, they also exploited the rare opportunity to ‘pick and go’ from the base of the contact area, thanks to the Lymm referee asserting a tactic to encourage both teams to play attacking rugby.

With Captain Lucas electing to kick, it was Eccles who applied the initial early pressure as Jack and Lucas himself chased Ollie’s kick off which hung beautifully in the air; remarkable given the stodgy surface he had to lift the ball from!

Lymms’ defence held strong though as they realised they had to think quickly to mount any serious early attacks.

Joe had some varied options from scrum half with Shayne and Max hitting the gain line well. It was James though who took the challenge deep into the heart of the Lymm defence with some magnificent and effective carries.

Finn occupied his favoured role of hooker and once more showed how his rucking game is developing. Lewis and Johnny looked to cover the only patches of grass out on the flanks as they awaited the ball be shuffled wide.

It was Lymm however who took the first points of the day after a moments hesitation in the Eccles defence saw an attack seep through the gap. 1-0 Lymm.

From the restart Eccles knew they had to raise the intensity otherwise it could have been a long day ahead!

Jack took a great pass from Lucas and burst through to evade the tackle. As he hit the contact, Evan, Shayne and Matt cleaned out for Joe to scoop the ball and shuffle it left.

As the ball found Johnny, he broke the gain line only to suffer a heavy knock that saw him taken from the mud bath. On came Adam to add his fizz on the wing!

Lymm took the next score to make it 2-0 but this only spurned the boys into some tremendous tackling and counter-rucking.

Ollie put in a great tackle as the Lymm winger looked for an odds-on try down the right. He did everything right into the contact and stopped the attack instantly.

The ball then popped up for Lucas to hit Matt with a fine flat pass. Still with some work to do, Matt changed the ball for one hand to the other as he handed off the defender before creating the gap to pull a score back for Eccles. 2-1

Once more from the re-start, the ball was sent high again by Ollie as Adam sprinted up to collect on the bounce! (you see now why we insist on pressuring the re-starts!) With the pack securing the pill for Joe, he shipped it left for Max to carry it up. As the Lymm defence floundered a little, it was Adam who took possession again to sweep away for a well deserved score. The boys were in the ascendance now and looking to stretch into a lead. With the halftime break looming, the commitment into attack again created a gap in the Eccles defence for Lymm to exploit. 3-2

A real good first half carried over into the second period and the half-time changes didn’t disrupt the game plan for Eccles. Cameron came on for Evan and Carter slotted into the mid-field along side Jack to create a solid partnership. ‘Taz’ came in for Finn who had a superb first half game.

Wit the score board so finely balanced, both teams upped their game as Eccles clawed away through some great drives into the Lymm defence. Shayne was so unlucky not to reap the rewards of a strong driving maul as he was held up just short of the line. The mistakes were always going to be punished and the Eccles boys showed very few. Ollie hit the gain line to try and get his team on the front foot; Lewis took a great catch from a high ball to set up another Eccles attack; Jake started all fired-up with some superb body angles in the rucks; Max carried hard and Matthew was constantly threatening; Cameron got his hands on the ball a number of times to secure possession.

It was a lapse in concentration though the gifted Lymm their next score.

With the attack moving wide, the Eccles defence looked to push the Lymm threat out towards touch. The winger still had a some work to do in the heavy conditions and he was rewarded with a neatly taken try right in the corner to make it 4-3 Lymm.

From the restart, again Eccles applied some heavy pressure. James, having his best game in an Eccles shirt, drove hard and presented the ball for Joe who found Lucas. With Jack on his shoulder, Lucas gave a short delivery as Jack plundered up-field.

The try line was coming nearer and nearer and the watching parents and spectators  (including an Eccles 1st team prop as well as an ex-Lancashire Capt) urged Jack forwards. The ball then came back in-field as Matt latched onto it. He just couldn’t get through the space as the closing minutes saw a tense finale deep in the Lymm half.

It wasn’t to be however, and on the final whistle, the jubilation and despair from both teams told the story!

A great game with total commitment and I’m sure both teams would relish the opportunity to take each other on again on a more accommodating playing surface!

Well done to all!

  • Thanks to Vicky for the match stats and oranges at half time.
  • Thanks to Neil from Lymm for the match day invitation.

Coaches Comments: A real toe-to-toe between a couple of heavy weights given the conditions under foot! Both teams tried to play open rugby and the score line reflected this in the end. With a little more concentration on the ‘game’ these boys will turn tight contests in their favour as they are learning that results are starting to be dictated by single errors or lapses in concentration. Their ability is unquestioned. We just need to remain focused on being sharper at the right times….. this will come! Proud of them!

  • Comedy moment of the day: The pitch! Joe having spent 30 minutes in the showers only to come out, though washed, wearing the soiled kit he’d played in!
  • Naughty step: ‘Taz’ with his desire to pirouette whilst holding onto an opponents shirt collar!! oops!


  • Eccles’ Squad:

Lucas (Capt), Ollie, Finn, Carter, Matthew, Max, Cameron, Jake, Lewis, Evan, Joe, Jack, Shayne, James, Johnny

TRAINING THIS WEDNESDAY 07th Feb; 6.30pm …….. all welcome including players new to the game!    


U10s Ormskirk RFC vs Eccles RFC


U10s Match Report – 14th January 2018

Ormskirk RFC vs Eccles RFC  


Players: Joseph, Sandy, Michael, Alfie Mason, Alfie, Max, Thomas, Owen, Finley, Flynn


Perfect rugby conditions for our trip to Ormskirk and the Eccles team didn’t disappoint, showing great attitude and determination throughout the whole game. The game kicked off with some great passing and defending by Owen and Joe, stopped by a strong tackle from Ormskirk. From the ruck, Sandy showed quick thinking to move out to the wing and pass to Alfie Mason who got a great run into space for the first try of the match.

Over the next few minutes, both teams battled well in midfield, however, excellent defensive play from Max and Thomas held Ormskirk back for a minute but some great passing from their players allowed them to break down the wing for their first try.

Eccles re-started with determination and with strong team tackles from Alfie, Joe, Flynn and Finley all scrapping for the ball. After a loose ball from Ormskirk, Eccles won back possession with Tom powering through Ormskirk’s defence, the ball was again dropped and picked up by Ormskirk. However, a quick rip from an Ormskirk player saw Sandy pushing on to get try number two.

Despite early possession, Ormskirk were forced back towards their own half, after the Eccles defensive wall of Tom, Alfie, Max and Joseph put more pressure on Ormskirk.  Following a scrum, Alfie managed to get the ball to Alfie Mason who wriggled through the Ormskirk defence to get our third try. Brave tackling by Max, Joe and Thomas and super forward runs from Alfie Mason to score another fantastic try which took us to the half time whistle.

From the restart, Eccles made more great passes and tackles, featuring Michael, Max, Owen,  Finley and then out wide to Alfie Mason to power through for his third try of the match, taking the score to 1-4.

All the boys showed strong determination and positive play to keep Ormskirk in their own half, with some great tackles from Max, Joe and Thomas, with Owen, Flynn and Alfie pushing back.  From the ruck, Sandy took possession and passed to Alfie Mason who went on to score our fifth try.

Despite great defensive awareness from Max, Ormskirk’s possession saw them get their their 2nd try of the match. The final stretch of the game saw tackles from Sandy, Flynn, Finley and Alfie and a final pass to Alfie Mason who scored try No 6 seconds before the final whistle.

Final Score 2-6

U10s Eccles RFC vs Sale RFC


U10s Match Report – 3rd December 2017

Eccles RFC vs Sale RFC



Although damp conditions, the temperature this Sunday was much milder. The Eccles U10s had a home game against Sale RFC. The boys had a great turnout and managed to field a full team with one sub every 10 minutes as did Sale RFC.

Squad: Alfie, Connor, Flynn, Alfie Mason, Finley, Max, Michael, Owen, Sandy, Thomas and Tyler

Eccles were so quick off the blocks today that the match reporter nearly missed the first try and saw creative playmaking by Owen who passed to Thomas who pulled away to stretch over the line to get Eccles first try in the first 1 minute of play. Definitely their quickest try of the season so far! The first 5 minutes saw fantastic organization, motivation and strong team play with plenty pressure put on Sale to get out of their own 22. A strong tackle and push forward from Alfie, Finley and Sandy saw a pass to Connor who calmly put it over the line to get Eccles second of the morning. With strong defensive play from Alfie, Flynn and Max, quick passing between Michael, Alfie Mason, and Sandy and strong team defending saw a pass out wide to Tyler who ran to score Eccles’s third try. In the following quarter, there was even more urgency from Eccles who gave a repeat performance – this time demonstrating clever interplay between Thomas, Michael, Sandy and Finley and a final pass to Tyler who attacked with lightning speed to score their fourth try. The last 5 minutes of the first half showed strong determination by the Sale boys but great team spirit and organization from Thomas and Flynn saw Tyler being pushed out to touch and Sandy falling just short of the try line.

After the restart, Eccles broke quickly to make ground. Strong tackles from Alfie, Flynn Finley and Owen saw a well organized ruck where Connor passed to Sandy who passed to Alfie Mason for Eccles fifth try of the match. Good retaliation from Sale and a real team effort saw Owen make a lovely pass to Max who drove forward to pass it to Sandy who edged another couple of yards before passing to Connor to score our sixth try of the match. With slightly more confidence, Eccles U10s began to challenge more balls and push forward with contributions from Connor, Tomas, Owen and a nice pass out to Max in space, giving Eccles their seventh try of the day. From the restart, Sale responded quickly to push into Eccles 22. Good pressure from Flynn, Connor and Owen saw Sale steal the ball and caught the boys off guard to score their first try of the match.

Eccles started the game by creating good, strong drives up the middle with Owen, Max, Michael, Tyler and Sandy showing some strong defensive moves/tackles. From the ruck, a quick pass from Michael to Connor, where Tyler found a gap to pass to Owen to get the eighth try of the match. From the restart, determined, forward play from all of the Eccles team saw clever passes between Finley, Tyler and Alfie to Sandy who scored the ninth try for Eccles. Good forward play from Connor, Alfie Mason and Flynn saw a ruck taking place on the Sale 22. Clever interplay between Connor, Flynn to Tyler who attempted to get down the line again was tackled just before the try line but he cleverly kept the ball in play. Quick thinking and strong defending saw a quick pass from Tyler to Max who passed to Michael to score the final try of the game.

Final Score: Sale RFC 1– 10 Eccles

Men of the match: Excellent team play with all players showing their strongest game so far. Therefore, the whole team gets a mention here – well done boys!