Camra (North Manchester Branch) visits Eccles RFC

Last Wednesday Eccled RFC was pleased to entertain a visiting group from the local Camra (North Manchester Branch).  They had chosen to come to the best rugby club in the northern hemisphere on hearing of our wonderful array of real ales and such like.  Of the visiting party, there were only two beards, but not one Arran sweater amongst them, so disproving our Chairman’s blinkered views.

During the evening I was pleased to find that your extremely handsome Social Sec is not the only Camra member within the club.  Maybe I need to push the benefits you gain from being a Camra member to encourage more.

To do justice to the club, and it being a Wednesday, our extremely beautiful Stewardess had gone out of her way to arrange for four beers to be available on the pumps.  Our usual Wainwrights & Theakstons Best, plus the semi-regular Old Slapper from Bank Top and a Poltergeist Porter from north of the border (ok it was from Caledonian brewery).  All were sampled and all found to be in good order.  Marie even managed to shift some of the surplus bottles from last Saturday’s Oktoberfest.

During the conversations an explanation was given as to the difference between Rugby Union and League.  I was pleased to explain that it’s just like beer.  Union is Real Ale, whereas League is Keg/Smooth (a poor imitation full of gas).  Well I chuckled if no one else did.

An open invitation has been given to Camra members, especially on match days, where they will be able to understand and appreciate what a real family sports club is like.


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