Busy week end at the club

It’s all work and no play for some, and for others the total opposite.

Tonight we have “Paul Fleming’s Race Night”.  The event comes under starters orders at 7:30pm.  On the bar we will have Wainwrights, aka Wingewrights, from Thwaites, 99 Steps (3.8% pale ale) from Boggart Brewery (based at Boggart Hole Clough), and Pud (5.0% fruit porter) from First Chop Brewery (based here in Salford).

Tomorrow we have the Sponsors Lunch/Reception starting at 1:00pm followed by the 1st’s v Kirkby Lonsdale and a 2nd’s side v Hull BP, both kicking off at 3:00pm.  The seconds game is against a touring team so high jinks are expected later in the afternoon or early evening.  In addition to the above beers there will be Blonde (5.0% blonde ale) from Bank Top and Converstion (3.6% light mild ale) from Bath Ales Brewery.  I won’t bother telling you where those two breweries are.  If things get desperate and the bar starts to run dry we will put on New Deck (4.2% goldern bitter) from Blackjack Brewery (based near Victoria Stn – no you fool, the Manchester one, not the one in London).

Finally, on Sunday we have the two Ladies sides playing, both kicking off at 2:00pm.  The first’s are playing Waterloo and the second’s are playing Garstang.

Also on Sunday, for those with a less refined taste we will be showng on TV a footy match featuring; Les Diables Rouge et Les Hommes de Caramel.  KO 4:00pm.

Surely, there’s someting there to interest you.



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