Bury U9s -v- Eccles U9s. Sunday 12 April

Eccles Squad; Ollie. Ethan. Jack. Mathew. Alfie. Jonnie. Jake. Danniel. Bailey. Finn. Callum.  

Gorton Street Under 9s made the short trip over to Bury on Sunday and could be forgiven for thinking the ‘climate clock’ had slipped back to January! Fortunately, their display was not one from the past as they continue to show just how far they’ve progressed in their first season of contact rugby.

Ollie opened the scoring after taking a short pass from Danniel, before launching into a powerful run up through the middle of the park. Ethan followed Ollie like a train carriage hooked behind him, but Ollie wasn’t about to give up a certain try was he! (a real flanker in the making then!). This was the first of a grand total of 6 tries on the day for Ollie!

The game plan was simple in the conditions; short pop passes, get the ball to our wingers and do not miss players out!   

With Mathew and Finn taking the charge up the middle into the heart of the Bury defence, Danniel constantly gave his attackers the quick ball they love! A neat pass out of contact from Finn set Ethan off on a snaking loop. A quick spin on the heels then he darted into the space before finishing in the corner: 2-0 Eccles.

Bury made changes to turn defence into attack as they opened their account with a speedster of their own! The only difference between him and Ethan, was the colour of the playing strip! Great to watch!

Despite there only being 2 fixtures remaining, the game provided our latest debutant in Callum. What a flyer he turned out to be on the wing, strengthening our options in depth. After the first break, the instructions were to ‘feed the pill’ to Callum and let him do the rest! He cut in on a neat angle, carrying the ball securley under his arm, before planting it firmly over the line for his first try! 3-1 Eccles.

Jonnie controlled his line to great effect, barking instructions and organising his defensive line (a comment supplied to DoR Bates after the game from a neutral coach complimented this ability).  Jake and Alfie put in some tremendous runs with ball-in-hand, making sure we kept posession for Danniel at scrum half. Bailey formed a strong unit along side Mathew and together these two alternated with Jack (playing through the pain of a strained muscle) to draw in the Bury defenders, making the room out on the flanks for the wingers.

The third period saw Bury raise their game again. Two quick tries caught the Eccles boys asleep as their minds drifted towards post match sausage and chips! Ollie, up to 4 on the door at this point, scored his best of the day from deep within his own half. A quick link-up with Jack saw Ollie again aim towards Ethans wing, only this time using Ethan as a decoy. From left to right then a lovely body angle into the contact to aviod the touch line, Ollie scored neatly in the corner.

Callum then stepped up for his second. What every winger wants is; open field in front of him with no defender threatening! Jonnie took his cue to get on the wingers’ score board from the other wing berth. Again, still with plenty of work to do, he knew his pace would be the right tool for the job at hand! Bailey gradually wore down the Bury defence along with Matt and Jack taking it turns to make holes. Between Ollie, Ethan, Callum (a hat-trick on his debut!) and Jonnie the game was secured at 13-8 to Eccles, but it was the work rate and opportunities made by the other boys that made the scoreline.

The last score went to Bury with a quick snatch and grab from the base of the contact area.

However, the day belonged to all the Eccles boys in a great display and yet again, played in the right spirit. Well done! 

Thanks to Benard from Bury for officiating.

Comedy Gem of the Day; Jonnie’s statement that he “needs to score …. so get me back on the pitch!” ….. Danniel; panting hard after comming off the pitch; “I didn’t know it was so hard to play scrum half!” (Straight form Oggy’s book of excuses!)

Training this Wednesday 15th April; 6.30pm. All welcome, including new starters to the game!   

Sunday 19th April; Away -v- Ashton-Mersey RFC. 11.00am KO