Bury 2nd 10 v Eccles 3rd 06/04/2013

Eccles thirds travelled to Bury for a top of the table clash and narrowly failed to achieve the victory which would have guaranteed the league title and must most likely have to win their last two remaining fixtures to claim the top spot. Eccles had the best of the early exchanges putting the home line under pressure and missed a difficult long range penalty to take the lead. They continued to press causing Bury to concede penalties but instead of going for a penalty shot at goal on a least two occasions Eccles opted to try and force the line but the home defence held firm which was to prove costly in the final outcome. Eccles finally breached the home line with winger Ryan Chattington going on an arcing run and despite clattering the corner flag managed to touchdown with a diving effort which Carl Wilkinson converted from the touchline. Both sides pushed to gain dominance but their was too much poor judgement in the passing and dropped ball for either side to gain sustained superiority but towards the end of the half Bury made Eccles work hard in defence eventually gaining penalty to narrow the score to 3-7 at the interval. The second half Bury take the initiative having more of the possession and dominate at the scrums with their constant tactic of wheeling the scrum which went unpunished A period of sustained home attacks proved decisive as Eccles desperately defended only to be undone with a try from a close range tap penalty with resulting conversion putting them 10-7 ahead which they kept to the final whistle. A slack offload should have resulted in a Bury try but the ball was knock on over the line and Eccles seemed to have taken advantage when Nick Hageman went on long run beating several defenders to”score” only to be pulled back by a late home linesmans flag which sparked much contraversy. Bury had another chance to put the game to bed when slack Eccles pass led to real scoring opportunity but the final pass was fumbled with a two man overlap. Eccles not at their best fluffed thier chance due to poor decision making and execution in the face of an opposition who wanted it more on the day though not through lack of commitment.