Broughton 1st 83 v Eccles 4 th 7 12/09/2015

The Black Pig after a summer in dry dock has returned to action on the

high seas unfortunately without its full complement of crew at the moment
.A forfeit by Broughton Park last week gifted the fourths the match points
who had to made do with a friendly so this week was the first competetive
game a hard looking task away against a rejuvenated and youthful Broughton
The task made even harder by only having twelve players thankfully
due to the good offices of the home team three of their squad ensured
 fifteen aside at kick off .Eccles made a steady start but were made to pay
for any mistakes as Broughton ruthlessly exploited these chances picking
up loose ball from deep within their own half to rattle in three tries .Scrum half
Tom Wilson prevented a fourth by getting back to tackle the centre with a clear field
 ahead but that was only a short respite as weak tackling saw a score under the posts
.quickly followed by another
long range try.Broughton cranked up the pressure but the Eccles defence held
firm but eventually creaked for a short range forward try under the posts.
A buoyant home side added a neat try from the winger sidestepping through the
defence like an eel through seaweed and then another long range try and conversion
 notched up 50 points without reply before the interval
.It might seem like it was one way traffic (scorewise certainly)but=
5 of the 7 first half tries came from within the home 22 area where Eccles could have
 bagged a couple of scores but forced the game needlessly making mistakes and suffering the consequences.In the second half Ecces preformed better taking the edge in the forward contest but were punished efficiently for any lapses in application and concentration with the
first try of the half coming easily from a 10m tap penalty  as the defenders remained on the tryline instead of coming up to meet the attacker and then straight from the restart not enough pressure on the catcher (a persistant problem in this half) allowed the ball to be moved swiftly to the home backs who gleefully converted the chance A promising Eccles break
ended with an interception and a try from the halfway line before fullback Tom Shaw broke away and faced with a defender kicked ahead only
to be just beaten to the ball in the Broughton 22 by the covering winger from the ensuing scramble the ball was recycled and a try materialised from the counter attack.More misfortune followed a great break from the loanee Broughton wing him burst through the coveronly to lose his footing when almost clear and move ended will the ball deemed held up on the home line . the resultant scrum produced pressure but no score and Broughton managed to clear their lines and work downfield and eventually score from a 5 metre scrum
. The home side were about to take their foot off the gas and mightly miffed as Eccles mounted a series of drives resulting penalties last of which second row Andy Coop took quickly to force his way over from short
range Overall well beaten though the forwards with old sea dogs Billy
Borritt and Andy Coop back in the fray matched the home pack indeed better
ed them especially in the second period with line outs and scrums working well although outplayed by the Broughton back row in the loose.The Eccles back line were in an invidious position lacking experience and numbers with Nate Cooper a winger pressed into action at centre and Connor Graham turning out on the wing on onlyhis fourth outing in rugby (welcome aboard the skylark) .It was a hard daythe briney in the face of strong pacey
team so Blind Pugh was awarded to any of the team though a token one
could be offered to those cannot see the clubs bigger picture and offer their services when available .The view from the bridge awarded full back Tom Shaw the Jolly Roger pennant (M O M) for his efforts whilst amongst the bilge rats it was noted that gnarly matelot Andy Davies a hooker by
trade put in an evergreen (I do not mean seasickness) display defending in and around the backline so is made this weeks Button Boy (if in doubt google it)