Broughton 1st 64 v Eccles 4th 15 07/03/2015

The fourth team dreadnought which sallied forth last week to breeze to victory this week became becalmed in the doldrums slipping to a resounding defeat.There was hope of a repeat of the home against Broughton but the home side refreshed with students in the backline more much the better side this and scuppered any such notions.The early stages saw both sides feeling each other out looking for dominance mainly amongst the forwards and there was promise for either side.Eccles seemed likely to score but it was the home who drew first blood easing in with scoring after neat hands on the blind side of a scrum and then really shook up the fourths by carving in for second try. Eccles responded with a classic try a catch and drive from a line out perfectly executed for Mark Plumbridge to touch down at the bottom of the pile .A yellow card before the interval against Broughton for persistance infringement as they were under the cosh on their own should seen Eccles reduce the arrears but narrow thinking when the ball should have gone wide saw the opportunity wasted and rub salt in the wound the home side slotted a penalty kick to lead 17-5 at half time.A close first half but the initiative soon went Broughton’s way as from the first play Eccles dropped the ball and the home side siezed the chance a raced over for a try.Worse was to follow as the fourths wwre outflanked in their opponents 22 and the winger sped the whole way along the touch line to score.This seemed to generate a collective loss of the game plan (play to the strengths of the forwards) for after a close shave a 22 drop out was booted long and promptly converted into a try by Broughton. Injuries to fullback Tom Shaw ,centre Tom Rose and hooker Sean Baines disrupted the visitors but that was no excuse for a defence that now resembled a shredded mast in a hurricane. Another poor pass and lost ball saw Broughton eke more misery with a further try. Eccles did hit back through the forwards with a splendid drive forward with Nick Aiyegbusi touching down and then repeat the dose in similar fashion with Nick again doing the honours but the good work was spoilt as from that restart Broughton were allowed to regather the ball and plot a path through the defence to score.Their tales up Broughton now looked dangerous at every turn and duly raced in for two further tries.An emphatic loss but it was not all gloom on beautiful spring day for the forwards produced some truly excellent play with line out working especially well and the spirit of the team held but the application and execution was muddled exposing them to the speed of the Broughton backline who clinically exploited the weaknesses on the counter attack .A merited win for Broughton
who would have triumphed even without the mistakes and they played with man short (red card)for the last quarter .Having missed out last week Nick Aiyegbusi took the Jolly Roger pennant
for his powerfull bursts and two tries .Riddick Manaye the Blind Pugh award for losing the plot less Fletcher Christian more Barnacle Bill the sailor .