Bowdon 4th 15 v Eccles 4th 10 19/10/2013

The fourths let slip the chance of victory in an eminently winnable fixture by being distracted by some strange refereeing decisions and their own inablity to impose themselves on the opposition. Eccles again had changes with full back James Bushby filling in at stand off and Sean Baines making first appearancea at hooker at senior level . The early signs were promising with Eccles dominating territory and possession but rather reticent on pressing Bowden in the rucks and mauls which allowed the home side to gain confidence and duly paid the price conceding a try from a simple break down the blind side of a scrum. Eccles managed to equalise matters when prop Payden Moore forced his way over his slow motion stretching out an arm to score but with static mauls being allowed to last an eternity and the scrappy nature of the game Eccles never got any rhythm or continuity into there play.Bowdon made the most of the visitors lacklustre performance to add two further tries and lead 15-5 at the interval.The second half the intensity improved and Eccles made a real go of turning the match round with centre Wes Harrison running strongly but too often trying run through the tackler rather than round him.Eccles now began to exert some pressure in the rucks and mauls but became frustrated by th constant killing of the ball by the home side and then feeling aggrieved by the vast majority of penalty decisions for infringements going Bowdon’s way. Eventually Eccles succeeed spinning the ball wide and centre Steve Bagnall was able to use his pace to cleave a way through the Bowdon defence for a super try . A tense and fraught final period saw Eccles pound the home line in frenetic action but ultimately unable to breach the whitewash .A determined and committed effort in the second half which could not make up for the counter opposite in the first when even the seagulls could feed on the pitch unmolested. Danny Cartwright worked hard in for forwards but pipped to man of the match by another forward Simon Edwards for his efforts three times in holding up the ball in mauls to deny Bowvdon possession. One” Dai Bach” gets man of the match the other rarebit of the match Paul Newton for his comment to the referee ” sir he has made illegal contact in my eye area and the proof is I’ve lost my contact lens” alas whilst recuperating on the touchline he found it – where ? in his eye !!!.