Blacksticks Blue – Leigh 0 vs Eccles U16’s 34

Following last week’s win at Oldham ,  Eccles Under 16 s were  back to the Blackstick’s competition with  Leigh welcoming the lads to their lush first team pitch with a ball that appeared to have been mashed by some first team action and needed  swapping , once it was sorted we were off and Paddy started the proceedings with a cruncher .

Eccles soon got into it  with a number of attacking spells created by  good work from Jack controlling the scrums well, Bob, Wiggi, Smithan and big Sam winning the ball to pass out to send Paddy and Keaton on some blasting runs , who then handed onto the backs , Omar, Ivan and Graisdon all keen to have a go at getting over the line, although there were many good efforts they hadn’t been converted into scores as final passes were being fumbled at crucial moments , making it look like the replacement ball was a slippy one.

Although Eccles were dominant ,winning the ball at the scrums and line outs with the backs working well to pass it out to the wings , Leigh s fullback deserves a mention for a number of try saving tackles he put in. Eccles were undeterred and patient as they continued to build the pressure on Leigh , Goso doing well at the line outs and Cammie coming in from full back position to link with Jordan putting together some good ground gaining moves.
(My mum’s notes show penalty was awarded too Leigh, which they missed kicking at goal) The flow of play was with Eccles and a penalty kick was awarded, which Jack easily converted to make the score 0-3.

Play resumed with a kick from Leigh which Cammie collected leading into a period of play where Wes, Goso and Big Sam were winning the ball from line outs, and Leigh when they put together an attack were met with the force of Daniel Wilson, Bob, Stephen Smith, Keaton Daniel Smithan who were on a mission to put in some big thudding try preventative tackles. Omar, Cammie  and Graisdon weren’t going to be left out of the action and matched their tackling efforts as did  Goso but he was a little late with one of them (tut) .


Redeeming himself Goso won the ball at the next line out, and passed it onto Keaton but as play continued Leigh was awarded a penalty which they failed to convert and Bob almost collected it under the sticks. Play restarted and still no tries from Eccles, then Big Sam winning the ball at the line out got it out to send Jordan on the attack over to Graisdon but still no try. The coaches decided to try something new, Goso and Paddy were subbed by Dean F and Josh.


The next play from Eccles saw Keaton with some fancying handling set Cammie up who was finally over the line with Jack converting the try – get in. 0-10.
Eccles, inspired as they could see they could finally convert their efforts into points, sent Omar on one of his runs with Daniel Wilson joining the sprint and handing off to Wes who was over, another good attempt at goal from Jack but not quite there. 0 -15


Play started and Omar’s tackle not only stopped Leigh in their tracks but he gained possession and passed to Graisdon who was off on another run , which lead into a sustained spell of attacking play from Eccles, who appeared to present quite a physical challenge for  Leigh  with Keaton barging through with the ball , handing off a number of players while still making ground with a number of the black and yellow jerseys hanging round his legs and off his back , he still managed to off load to Wiggi who went on a drive with the other forwards who got near but not quite near enough to the line to capitalize the good play in to more points.


Eccles was doing well and didn’t appear phased by Leigh s attacks but seemed to making life harder for them. Eccles were tackling and passing well and clearly wanted to get more points on the board setting up Cammie with another good chance when he collected the ball and kicked to Omar who took it well and set off on a sprint, seeing the tackle coming in used his head to pass the ball back into play, clearly working for the team keeping possession and the momentum.
Following the break for half time Coach Danny said the next 15 minutes of the 2nd half would determine the result of the game and Eccles looked keen to show him it would be their victory.


The forwards were up for it and off again when Daniel Wilson began a drive handing over to Dean Fellows and Daniel Smithan, the coaches reminding the lads they wanted KnG s, Stephen smith set off on a big strong run before he tried the K nG method then Graisdon followed up with his own run. Pressure from Eccles  continued as Jack jinked from round the scrum down the middle of the field, but when possession became Leigh s Omar was too eager to compete to regain ,resulting in the ref having a word, Leigh tried a further challenge which was easily absorbed and contained by Stephen and all three of the Daniel’s .

Eccles continued to work well in all areas and  maintained their focus in both attack and defence , demonstrated when Cammie set off on a cracking run unfortunately losing possession to Leigh who were immediately swamped by the Eccles forwards as they switched from attack to defence mode , then keeping  his eye on play Keaton intercepted from near enough off the floor ,forcing his way ahead passing to Jack who kicked on for Josh to collect and go under the sticks, conversion sorted making it 0-22 .


Play restarted and Omar was off again and running into another spot of bother resulting in the ref issuing a final warning, so in his own best interests Omar was subbed .Spurred on Leigh seemed to go for it but were countered by Wes, Dean Fellows and Stephen until play was stopped for an injury.

Eccles came back with Daniel, linking to Jordan to Keaton blasting over on the near side try line but the conversion didn’t quite make it 0-27


Eccles were well into their swing now Bob, Wiggi and Goso onto it ( looking like he was putting a lil bit of a judo  throw into turning over their No.22) , Carlton, Nathan, Jordan and Jack stretching their legs on the runs , Cammie punting a few kicks , Jack , Danny Wilson, Paddy  and  Keaton gaining more ground,  but ended up a man down following Dean s comments to the ref , (he was sin binned for 10 mines . )Eccles maintained the momentum, and defence with Jack putting in a text book tackle, and again play was with an Eccles attack Jack on a big run through the defence passing to Josh, and onto Keaton for him to steam over for his 2nd try of the afternoon, right under the sticks for an easy conversion. 0-34 .get in.


Then it was full time and another convincing win on the scoreboard for Eccles.
This week’s Mums summary includes comments from some of the players, who said although it felt like Eccles dominated the game the first half felt like hard work at times and Leigh s fullback was their saviour as he pulled out some try saving tackles in the first 20 mins. However after the initial 15 mins of the 2nd half it felt like Leigh gave up a little bit, but who can blame them when they were repeatedly beaten at the line outs and in the scrums and all the Eccles players looked like they weren’t ‘t going to give up until they has crossed the try line and the conversions had been counted . Good effort, good result.  🙂