Blacksticks Blue Challenge – Matchday One Eccles U16’s vs Ormskirk

As the late September sunshine rolled into October,  Ormskirk bobbed down the East Lancs to  Gorton Street for the first round of this year’s Blacksticks fixtures.

Eccles appeared eager following their confidence boosting win from last week, and their optimism wasn’t misplaced as following Jacks first touch of the ball gained valuable ground ,leading to the line out where Goso snatched the ball for it to be passed quickly down the line to Keaton who drove over under the sticks , leaving a straight forward conversion for jack to put the side 7-0 and only 8 minutes having been played .
The first score was quickly followed by Paddy setting up Omar on his first sprint, linking well  with Keaton , who sent Wesley over the line but the referee decided it was a forward pass.
Eccles were still on the attack, keeping their cool and maintaining their discipline ,with Goso leaping high in the line out,  Wiggo charging and everyone looking switched on and up for it. Eccles won the next scrum , Cammie or it might have been Jordan  (sorry) but whoever it was showed some deft handling sending Paddy over the line ( 12-0) Jack scuffed the conversion  commenting on the tee, and  coach Danny asked for  something about bad workmen blaming their tools to be included in the match report.
Although the score could have indicated the match was looking  a little onesided  Ormskirk weren’t thinking that and went for the attack,  Danny Wilson zipped from 1st to 4th gear to get back quick enough to defend , Ormskirk continued a good spell of attacking play but Eccles defence appeared on a par with their attack , Steven tackling like a demon , and everyone holding the line, the discipline and team work paid off when Danny Wilson’s interception  was off loaded to Jordan , then to Ivan ,who flew over the line ,but had he not made it, Omar was ready and  at close hand , demonstrating everyone was working towards the win. (17-0) conversion fell short.
Eccles continued to play well as a team Steven , Danny Smithern , Danny W,Wes ,Wiggo, Paddy and Goso driving forward , Bob was spicing things up with his doner kebab line calls and Jack & Jordan created links with the backs, Keaton, Ivan , Omar and Cammie we’re having a good go at tackling when Ormskirk attacked. Following a 2nd penalty for Eccles as Ormskirk had been lying on the ball , Wiggo started off a drive which   gained ground for Eccles positioning the scrum to send the ball out to Grayston who dashed over the line on the right hand side wing , as Jack seemed to have left his kicking boots at home the score remained at (22-0)
Half time saw Dean subbed for Goso and big Sam for Wesley. Cammie started off the attack with a big kick into their 22, it seemed Eccles came into the 2 nd half a bit quieter and Ormskirk had a sustained attacking spell , but Eccles maintained a strong defence with Keaton , Bob and Steven holding them back. The forwards were back in on the action Dean rucking well , and the  coaches encouraging the backs to get more involved with the scrum , and get up paddy s backside  Ormskirk still not defeated tried to attack but where soon pushed back when they tried driving on the half way line, more substitutions with Goso for Daniel S, and Wesley for Paddy. A penalty was given against Eccles and Ormskirk decided to tap it, play fell back to Eccles with Sam T going on a break with Steven , then Danny Wilson went for it again, Goso joining in onto Jordan , then captain Keaton was over ( 27-0) with no conversion. Another spell of attack from Eccles saw the forwards driving hard for the line and Goso (with his sausage butty reward in mind )was over right under the sticks where Jack converted the kick (34  -0)
Again Eccles attacked sending Wesley over for a try which wasn’t awarded. And to  their credit Ormskirk maintained their composure and discipline to continue with the game , Bob on a break from the scrum , passed to Jordan who sent Grayston over for his 2 nd try, although Jack did a booming kick he was just off the target ( 39-0)
Sam, Steven and Dean maintained their mission for more tries which ended up with Omar streaking ahead of the defence to go over on the far side, but the angle was too sharp for Jack to convert (44-0) .
Then the referee blew for full time .

This weeks  Mum’s summary  .

Some could say the  score didn’t reflect that Ormskirk didn’t give into frustration and had a good spell of attacking play on the return from the break,  but a solid performance from Eccles showed  that by delivering the basics , good handling, tackling ,keeping the discipline and  interest ,playing for each other, pays off .

Editorial by Roving Reporter Lynn Goslin (Mum)