Blackburn & Vale of Lune U8s -v- Eccles U8s

Eccles squad; Ollie, Finn, Maxwell, Jonnie, Sohan, Seb, Charlie, Ricky, Jack.

The Coach – for once- managed to watch two games from the relative comfort of the sidelines and can can report, with some poetic licence, on two cracking games; You’ve been warned!

The lead up to this game didn’t make for encouraging signs, and not just because we had four seasons in one day on the Saturday only to be greeted by the first frost of winter on Sunday morning! However; Game on! With Eccles U8s squad depleted due to our Beavers resplendent on their rememberance day parades, the boys answered their own call to arms with some fantastic rugby!

Two games were scheduled with the first opponents being the hosts, Blackburn. The boys soon realised where the pitch markings were after early confusion indicating that there was actually no try lines or side lines (they were there in the distance!), as they took to the biggest playing area they’ve encountered! If this was a ploy form the home team, it soon became advantage to the visitors as Maxwell picked his customary straight line of running complimented with a hip sway (honestly!) to avoid the tag-takers for try number one!

Ollie, Captain in Danniels absence held the middle of the park with Finn and Maxwell, whilst our electric wingers Seb and Charlie hugged the touchlines ready to burst once the ball reached them. Jonnie, handed defensive responsibilities on the day, organised brilliantly form the full backs berth.The format seemed to work a treat with Sohan hovering just in front of Jonnie but behind our tight three. ‘Burn soon pulled one back before Charlie, switching wings with Seb, took a looping run to finish across the line. Oh how he likes a big pitch! Ollie nailed his first of three on the day witha great step back inside to create a gap.Where has this footwork come from boys? (Dave Nichols would be impressed!)  

Finn continued to act like a sniper with his tag taking and support running – brilliantlly! Sohan enjoyed some great forward runs before looking to off-lood to his support players. However, what we do need to learn is not to gather in groups to admire the score as the home side hastily organised themselves before we did to bring themselves back into the game at 4-4. 

On the last play, it was ‘Burn who piled the pressure on, not helped by some slack tag-taking, and scored (some say dubiously!) in the corner to take the game. Despite the protests from our players, again lesson to be learnt here as the refferee will never change his mind because you think he was wrong! 

Some great play from both teams played again in great spirits! Thanks to Gerrard from Blackburn for hosting us and officiating in the next game;

Eccles v Vale of Lune: By now the boys had realised where their strengths lay in keeping it tight in the middle and making the space for our wingers to hit. Cue Seb; with the Vale centres pulled into the middle, Seb could see the space he so wanted to hit! He took the pass from Maxwell and did what he does good! Try No; one! Ollie then linked with Sohan to carve his trademark swerving run in the turf to grab his second. One way traffic continue with Charlie once more switching wings with Seb, danced up the touchline to add his second also. Jonnie barked his orders from fullback and ‘not a gap to be had’ untill we hit the snooze button on the tag machine to allow two Vale tries!  This only galvanised the boys to play it a little tighter with Finn snatching tag after tag. Even the sight of his opponent wearing three tags at once, and the refs decision to go to unlimited tags,(hmm!) couldn’t ruin his game. Ollie finished with a hat trick, Maxwell got his second and Jonnie got in on the act to end a super display from full back!

Well done to all the boys.

Training this week, Sunday 17th Nov. 10.30am start!