Autumn Internationals – TV Viewings

With the Autumn Internationals now in full swing it seems a good idea to let you all know the situation regarding proposed viewing times of the International games.

Why we have to have England kicking off at 2:30 each Saturday, when all clubs are playing their own rugby I have no idea.

So, to be fair to the lads who brave the elements and bother to put on a shirt, the proposal is not to show the England games live. However, the England games will be shown as a recording as soon as possible after the lads have finished their own games. If you have any complaints regarding this proposal, please first explain where you were during the Summer when the three England vs Australia games were show LIVE at the club.

Other games will follow on as a recording or as a live viewing.

The actual home games, and approximate times of TV International viewing, to be shown over the coming weeks are listed below;

Saturday 12th November;

First Team vs Kirkby Lonsdale (2:15pm)

England vs Sth Africa (4:00pm – delayed viewing)

Wales vs Argentina (6:00pm – delayed viewing)

TBD – Repeat of England vs Sth Africa or Ireland vs Canada (8:00pm – delayed viewing)

Saturday 19th November;

Seconds vs West Park – Thirds vs Didsbury TocH (both 2:15pm)

England vs Fiji (4:00pm – delayed viewing)

Scotland vs Argentina (6:00pm – delayed viewing)

France vs Australia (8:00pm – live)

Saturday 26th November;

Seconds vs Littleborough – Thirds vs Leigh (both 2:15pm)

England vs Argentina (4:00pm – delayed viewing)

Wales vs Sth Africa (6:00pm – delayed viewing)

France vs New Zealand (8:00pm – live)

Saturday 3rd December;

First Team vs Birkenhead Park (2:15pm)

England vs Australia (4:00pm – delayed viewing)


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