An extra hour in bed but Eccles U14 still start late

The clocks changed to tell us winter is here but the weather meant that it was a day for free flowing rugby. Tarleton were the visitors a team we have not played before.

Head of selection Billy had a few surprises when the team was selected – an opportunity to try out people in some different positions which is what we need to do with such a big squad. (I know I watch the game but can’t remember the sequence of tries so imagine your reading the Daily Mail – some of it is fact but a lot of it is artistic licence)

True to form Tarleton scored the first try in the first five minutes something we are very good at. Either we are very sporting or very stupid.

Eventually Eccles found their feet and started to play. Chris at No.8 making a good contribution in attack and defence, with a rampaging Jacob demonstrating his speed 7 getting on the score sheet.

The backline worked well Daniel making a number of breaks and tackles which his teammates eventually got involved in the second half.

There was a point where both sides seemed to stop thinking and started to needlessly kick the ball away and the game was riddled with errors with no one from Eccles taking responsibility for actually going forward. Tarleton scored from one of these exchanges.

After some polite suggestions that we should stop kicking from Bad Cop (as opposed to the Other Bad Cop) Eccles started to play a simple game and ran in several tries from Tumy, Alex (where did that speed come from) and Shayne with a hatrick.

Old twinkle toes himself got on the score sheet and passed. Once when shouted at & then proceeded to sulk and once my instinct (or fear) which resulted in a series of passes from the Eccles 10 metre line resulting in a good team try. (Sean in case you wondered).

Joe capped the day with a try with 5 conversions.

There was a definite improvements in those new to the game and the development of several players. We were better defensively in the second half but can be better. It was encouraging to see people comfortable at hitting the ruck and staying on their feet.

Tarleton deserved more from the game and had a few injuries during the game, albeit due to some strong Eccles tackling, which may have allowed a few extra tries. The players from Tarleton never gave up and played the game in a good spirit & were magnanimous in defeat.

Training this week will concentrate on tackling, defence and some full back work to help Lewis who did very well for his first time in that position which no one seems to relish playing. Lewis did make a try saving tackle in his own 22 which shows that he has the defensive attributes to play in this position.

Eccles won 50-19.

Thanks to Tom the referee.

Thanks to Mr Rawdins for help with the pads