All Weather Pitch is 10 years old!


After a great effort from a committed team of happy volunteers/young men bullied, persuaded, harangued into helping (depends how they were feeling) the all weather pitch has passed its two yearly inspection and is compliant for use for another two years. The pitch is now 10 years old. Replacement costs for the surface can be up to the scary figure of £100,000.

Thanks to Chief Brusher Matt Nombelo, assistants Matt and Will Parkinson and Sam Simpson who turned up once when we took photos although to be fair he didn’t know before. Thanks to all other volunteer brushers over the years.

Consulting Engineers for the work were Fossils Opinions Unlimited of Peel Green (AWP division).

Security for the pitch has been provided by Duttas Securitas for the past 10 years. (for those newly visiting the site this is reference to an obsessive/committed committee man Mark Dutton who has been down nearly every day for 10 years keeping an eye on users, trespassers etc).