Alexander Hulme Charity Cup, 14/12/14

Hello everyone

This Sunday 14th December, Eccles U12’s will be hosting the first alaxander hulme charity cup match against sale U12’s. Tickets are £1 pp and there will be a raffle and a name card, so please come down to the club on Sunday for Eccles U12 vs Sale U12’s 11KO, here are a few words from the Sale U12’s coach Dave hulme the father of alaxander hulme:

Following the loss of our twelve year old son Alex on 5th September 2011 to Non HodgkinLymphoma (NHL) we formed the Alex Hulme Foundation as a legacy to him in recognition of the courage and bravery he showed during his illness but also because we knew he would want to help others who found themselves in the same position as he did.

We discovered that there needs to be a massive improvement in the level of knowledge about NHL in children. Due to the relatively low number of cases each year, eighty in the UK, and the reasonably high success rate, currently 83%, NHL isn’t seen as a high priority for funding therefore, it has been largely non-existent in the past. Treatments given are rigid and based on experience with no alternative available if the current protocols fail to provide a cure.

The overall purpose of the Alex Hulme Foundation is to aid research into Children’s Non Hodgkin Lymphoma.

The specific aim of the Alex Hulme Foundation is that through raised awareness and donated funds we will allow researchers to build on their knowledge into the disease which will in turn provide clinicians with the ability to offer a more individualised and more flexible treatment plan to children diagnosed in future.

Please come along on Sunday for a wonderful match between two brilliant teams


Thomas Williams