Bury U8s v Eccles U8s… Sun 8th Dec

Bury U8s v Eccles U8s

Eccles Squad; Johnnie, Ollie, Maxwell, Finn, Sohan, Alfie, Seb, Danniel, Mathew, Ethan.

Sunday saw the U8s make the trip along the M60 to Bury with nearly a full compliment of players, alas it was Charlie who succumbed to the dreaded tummy lurghi overnight, but his team was not about to let him down!

Blessed with such a fine pool of talent from which to choose his starting line up, Director of Rugby Bates, went for the reliable format of pace on the wings complimented with assurance up the middle. Maxwell led the charge from the whistle with a deceptive run towards the corner to evade the Bury defence, only to be ‘tagged’ 5 metres from the line. Ethan was on hand to nail his first score after Maxwell presented the ball skillfuly. Seb occupied the other wing berth and gave us glimpses of his artful and elusive running, constantly changing wings with Ethan. Mathew, Alfie and Ollie made sure things were secure in the middle with their tag count. Ollie once more doing his version of ‘Riverdance’ – twice changing the direction of play before scoring!

Sohan came on to show his understanding of the game with some ‘hard yards’ before looking to pass to his supporting player. Mathew then created for Alfie to cross the line as Bury attacked and pushed back at the Eccles defence.

The second period of this game saw DoR ring the changes, but the momentum was maintained as Daniel and Johnnie slotted into their respective roles in organising the lines. Alfie then claimed his second try, followed by Finn popping up on the left to ground the ball for a score. Maxwell, having taken heed of the Coaches advice of taking that extra step over the line, made sure of his second by planting the ball firmly!

Bury then mounted their counter offensive with two of their own speedsters to bring the score line close. It was then that Ollie ‘corner-flagged’ the Bury winger before diving to take his tag and preventing what appeared to be an assured score. Eccles took their queue to up their efforts going into the third and final period of play. Mathew capped a fine game with two tries and Seb, Ethan and Johnnie completed a fine team performance with some brilliant lines, styles and angles of running.

We have a real hardworking squad of players who are getting better each week. Their enthusiasm and support for each other is beginning to shine through. Each player took his turn being replaced and not once did he let his head go down because he had been taken off; there was so much encouragment from the sidelines for their team mates -fantastic to see as they learn the spirit of this wonderful game!  

I suspect the excitement and anticipation is growing as we head into the new year and what they are waiting for = contact rugby next season! They can do it! 

This Sunday 15th Dec; we are at home against Wigan in an extra fixture to those listed. Xmas party after the game …so be sure to have your Xmas hats !!

11.00am KO. All welcome… including new players