2ndXV home defeat to Fleetwood

Eccles 2XV  3 – 36 Fleetwood 2XV 

Saturday 27th January 2017


04 mins  0-5  TRY Fleetwood; unconverted

08 mins  3-5  PENALTY Eccles

20 mins  3-10 TRY Fleetwood; unconverted

30 mins           YELLOW card Eccles (Poole)

40 mins  3-15 TRY Fleetwood; unconverted. Last play.

HT 3–15

46 mins  3-22 TRY Fleetwood; converted

57 mins  3-29 TRY Fleetwood; converted

63 mins           YELLOW card Fleetwood

64 mins           YELLOW card Fleetwood

65 mins           Try opportunity for Eccles held-up

67 mins           Try opportunity for Eccles dropped

80 mins  3-36 TRY Fleetwood; converted. Last play.

FT 3-36



The ‘Eccles interchange’ pitch was in good condition considering the recent rainfall. Fleetwood kicked off unsuccessfully, Eccles gained possession with a scrum on the half way line. But with a lack of support and alertness the visitors soon had the ball back and with just 4 minutes played, scored a try with their first attack of the game, to the left of the posts, 0-5.  Eccles responded straight from the restart, putting Fleetwood under sustained pressure inside their 22. A sequence of defensive penalties were committed as Eccles pinned Fleetwood to their goal line; following strong attacking drives by Poole and Nombela, the decision was taken to collect the points with a straightforward kick in front of the posts, taken by Andy Stimson, 3-5.  Sadly, this proved to be the conclusion of points for Eccles. Despite some exceptional individual effort, the 2s were unable to maintain the collective momentum and belief of this passage of play and a game that promised to be a close, competitive contest began to slide away from them from this point.  A yellow card contributed to Eccles’ struggle to escape their own half, but in general Fleetwood played with more conviction, commitment and cohesion than the home team. Two further tries on 20 mins and 40 mins gave the visitors a decent lead by the break. HT 3-15.

With renewed purpose, Eccles made a positive start to the second half, but within a few minutes, a slip of concentration at the breakdown allowed a fast Fleetwood back to slip through with the ball and run free to take an easy try under the posts 3-22. Eccles responded and the game was played in opposition territory for the next 10 mins. Determined pressure inside the visitor’s 22 resulted in multiple penalties and two Yellow cards in close succession for Fleetwood as they desperately defended their line, in the left corner. Eccles enjoyed good possession and battered away but were unable to take advantage of their numerical superiority. U18 Winger Damola Ayanlaja was very unfortunate not to claim a try; his first effort on the right being judged by the Ref to be held up; and a second opportunity on the left, the result of some great passing, was fumbled rather than finished. The game remained deep in Fleetwood territory; shenanigans in the scrum were unseen and unpunished by the referee and play eventually moved upfield where Eccles conceded a late try.  Fleetwood scored at the beginning, middle and very end of each half . Their six tries were unanswered and secured them a well deserved W to take back to the Wyre coast.  FT 3-36.

Another disappointing home defeat for the 2ndXV. On a more positive note, former Colts U19 Kyle Dowarka and U18s Tim Cullen, Damola and Conagh Blake all made good contributions; and there were no injuries, apart from the Referee who needed physio treatment for his whistle hand.


1. S Poole

2. S Cork

3. Cunningham

4. L Costain

5. Tait

6. K Dowarka

7. D Cusick

8. M Nombela

9. T Cullen

10. A Stimson

11. A Davies (c)

12  Donovan

13. Nicholson

14. Murphy

15. McCall


16. D Ayanlaja

17. C Blake